Introduction week generation 27

On Monday August 28th 2017 we started the introduction program with our new generation of students. For the entire week, we worked on a collective assignment: rethinking and redefining the concept of ‘sustainability’ – one of the most used words in fashion at the moment. Within the program we try to avoid it; we’d rather think about value in relation to ideas on emotional connectivity, temporality versus eternity, resilience, inclusivity, use etcetera. Students brought with them a personal belonging, a book or text and an (image of an) artwork, all containing something of lasting value. After reading the introduction text of Facing Value: Radical perspectives from the Arts by Maaike Lauwaert & Francien van Westrenen the students got to work.

By the end of the week, they created OURtopia. OURtopia is a collaborative effort to dynamically construct a living weave. The audience is invited to join the weaving process by adding their personal materials. The socially constructed weave breaks through hierarchy and passionately intertwines diversity by making people come together with a bigger purpose. OURtopia stands for openness, connectivity, balance and trust as a result of participation.

We ask you to gradually grow into OURtopia.

— generation 27