Centre of Expertise Future Makers

ArtEZ established the Centre of Expertise Future Makers in 2015. The Centre of Expertise (CoE) brings together the ArtEZ’s Professorships Fashion and Product Design & Interior Architecture, along with other knowledge partners. At FM researchers work on research projects in cooperation with public partners such as universities and governments on one hand and private partners like companies and trade associations on the other. FM has the characteristics of a lab and studio for interdisciplinary design based research. The main goal of FM is to develop more sustainable value chains for products and services in the field of fashion, textiles, product and interior design. The research methodology is design driven (Constructive Design Research, Research Through Design) what means that in every research project piloting with materials, techniques, new functions, market interventions based on models and prototypes are essential parts of the process. Real objects are the hypothesis of each design research and they will be tested by different stakeholders.

Since its initiation, the CoE has been collaborating closely with the MA Fashion Strategy. In the course Intuitive Strategies & Entrepreneurship, tutored by Judith ter Haar, students work on an assignment given by the CoE, and closely collaborate with business partners and other knowledge institutes, as well as local government.

State of Fashion

The first edition of State of Fashion opens on 1 June 2018 under the title Searching for the New Luxury, curated by José Teunissen. Searching for the New Luxury explores new definitions of luxury in response to urgent environmental and social issues: less waste and pollution, more equality, welfare and inclusiveness. It explores new (bio) technologies, digital platforms and creative processes that fundamentally rethink traditional notions of luxury and, in so doing, contribute to a sustainable future for the industry.

State of Fashion 2018 | Searching for the New Luxury collects current groundbreaking research and initiates experimental interdisciplinary collaborations that will start in 2018 and continue thereafter. The opening week is from 1 – 10 June 2018, the exhibitions will run through 2 September 2018.

During State of Fashion 2018, students of the MA Fashion Strategy will participate through exhibiting their work on location.